Bram Modular was founded in early 2001, dedicated to designing and producing furniture. In those first moments, our main activity was the production of custom furniture based on specific designs.


Throughout these years we have worked for designers and architects of recognized prestige, carrying out projects with all kinds of woods and finishing settings.


In 2006 we did our first Recording Studios works for companies dedicated to audio and video...


From that moment on and after receiving excellent reviews among professionals and costumers, we decided to specialize in this production.


From 2010 onwards, moved by our experience, the good reception of our products and our further knowledge of customers´ needs, we have been designing and creating a wide variety of models, considering all kind of variables and details, such as ergonomics, functionality, materials and design.


Aware of the long hard working hours that professionals spend in their job, technicians and clients comfort, quality of materials, as well as obtaining an attractive and innovative design, is a must for us.


Due to our wide experience through designing and creating custom furniture, along with our close relationship with the Audio-Visual Industry, we have learned that each client has different needs, depending on space, use and personal taste; for this reason we offer you the possibility to have a product completely adapted and suited for you.


Please contact us and we'll help you creating the piece of furniture that suits your own needs.